Cool Teapot Designs Modern and Traditional

Published: 26th September 2011
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Decorating your home and collecting items to make it personal and unique is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences there are. Most of us enjoy decorating our rooms to reflect who we are so that they become an outward projection of our personalities. This then means that we feel more at home in the environment, and means that we can enjoy feeling more at ease. It also means that the house proud among us can show off our design skills and all the little personal touches we've used to make the place unique.

However the difficult part is coming up with what to place in your home and not creating too much clutter and untidiness in an attempt to make it feel individual and fully decorated. One great way to add some personality and a very quaint feel is to look at teapots and tea sets and there are many different designs for teapots and cups available making this an easy way to make your home more personalized.

There are many different teapots and tea sets and while some of these are very traditional and look as though they might be at home in an adaptation of a Jane Austin book, others are far more contemporary and modern and create a very different vibe for your home. For instance you can enjoy a novelty teapot designed to look like a fun character, or to look like another object. At the same time other modern teapots might have a cool design feature that helps to keep the water hotter, to filter the tea, or with more sizes of cups. These are the kinds of things that when you serve them up you will be bound to get a fun reaction from your guests. On the other hand you can go for the more traditional look which is perfect for entertaining with an afternoon tea particularly if you have somewhere nice to sit outside. Buy some scones and some jam, and put them out on a table with a tea set outdoors. Traditional looking tea sets might be blue and white china which is highly collectible, or they might be oriental or even antique. You'd be very surprised at just how many different types of teapots and cups there are out there and how many you can collect.

This is a great thing to start a collection of and many people do enjoy owning a collection of tea sets. It might surprise you for instance to learn that martial arts master Jackie Chan has a collection tea sets in his 'secret hideout' which takes up a whole wall. You can display these in a glass cabinet where they will be safe and avoid dust, or you can put them away and just get them out for guests.

Finally consider tea sets as a gift particularly as a housewarming gift. This way you can provide someone with a way to entertain guests, the start of a collection and an activity that everyone loves drinking tea.

I have started to drink more tea lately and have bought two different teapots. I think it is cool when the teapots and cups match.

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